Monday, January 6, 2014


Ah, we see the cogs finally turning. Cjecg, tecg, teggelb mwmy.

For you to live so long, obviously you had to have had some level of intellect.

That or a mountain of luck.

Now let's get down to business: obviously, I'm going to kill you, both of you, before this is all over. However, how quickly, and how painfully, is up to your level of cooperation. I'm going to revel in your deaths regardless, though He wants something, something that, at this point, only Bernard knows. We'd ask Ecko, but he's in no position to be helping anyone at this point. His mind was left such a mess after the death of Drake that we've decided to simply set him aside, just in case a few random wires cross and a spark sets off in that husk of a brain of his. 
Poor thing so frail...
Raz, you and D were a mistake. You never should have become. Period. So, if Bernard doesn't cooperate, and help us with our goal, you will die first, and you will die slowly, painfully, helpless, and acutely aware of every incision, break, tear, burn, and bite I inflict upon you.
Pain is a thing I know well...
When the time comes Bernard, you'll know exactly what we want.
Mlh holt bevi el, otdirwesi wdmt wejj coki wejj ai nmr worsi...
Nmr worsi.


  1. I swear to god, if you actually try and attack us, I will fucking kill you. Also, your threats are pretty useless when the only way to make our deaths less painful, is to do something for you, that you have failed to tell us. Of course we wouldn't cooperate anyway, but I'd think you'd realize how stupid that is. Ordering us to do something, or we'll regret it, but not actually saying what it is.

    "When the time comes Bernard, you'll know exactly what we want." Okay. sure. even once we know what you want, do you really think we'll give it to you? I mean REALLY, if we're going to die either way, shouldn't we fight it as best as we can?

    AlSo YoU cAn'T kIlL uS.

    We'Re tHe GoOd GuYs!

    YoU'rE tHe BaD gUy.

    YoU lOsE!


    Raz/ D

  2. Um... also what is with all the text being black in your blog all of a sudden?

    -Raz P.

  3. You still get feelings from our Lord, don't you Raz? D isn't completely disconnected from him. Even if the connection has become faint, it's still there, and you know exactly how much danger you and Bernard are in.

    Like I said in my post, Bernard will know what we want when the time comes. You won't die until then.

    I won't make any promises about hurting you, but you won't die.

    Also, I'll try and fix this, I'm not entirely sure why the text went black... makes visibility a little difficult... I don't remember changing that setting...



  4. ... well it seems that SOMEONE has been posting without informing me first, and was trying to hide it by changing the text color to the same as the background.

    Don't pay any attention to this new 'person'. They're just a minor distraction. Our Lord will get him back in line so we can focus on what is at hand.