Thursday, December 26, 2013


Around you like sharks

Even as you flee; closer

Snapping at your feet

The codes were simple you morons. Key words unlocking the meaning. A simple cypher. The messages weren't the most important part, merely a way to gain your attention. Since I have it, and with the photos, have you on the run once again, my job can finally begin.

First I make you bleed. 
I live every moment in excruciating pain.
Second I break you.
I feel my bones snap with every step.
Third I make you cry.
I want to die.
Fourth I take something from you.
HE won't let me.
Fifth you try to fight back.
Like a marionette;
Sixth you realize the hopelessness.
I do my little dance,
Seventh you trip.
and will be tossed aside
Eighth, and finally, you fall.
like each before me,
and all those to come.

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